Tiefling Adventurer ready to raise some hell
Tieflings are humans with demonic, devilish, or other evil outsider blood in their ancestry. Often persecuted for their strange appearance and unnatural mannerisms, most tieflings disguise their nature or are forced to live on the fringes or underbelly of civilized society. Though they are not born evil, it is an easy path for them to find, especially as most suffer at the hands of “normal” folks while growing up. Tieflings look mostly human except for some physical traits that reveal their strange heritage.

Tieflings have the following racial traits:
+2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma Tieflings are overwhelming in personality, sometimes seductive, sometimes terrifying, but never unnoticeable. They also possess a natural cunning allowing them to adapt and survive in even the worst conditions.
Medium Creature
Darkvision: (60 feet.)
Planetouched: A Tiefling’s creature type is Outsider:(Native). She is still considered ‘Humanoid’ for the purpose of spells and abilities.
Tricky Devil: +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Stealth checks.
Darkness Within: Can cast darkness 1/day (caster level equals the tiefling’s class level.)
Demonic Resistance: fire resistance 5.
Cursed blood: A Tiefling always counts as ‘Evil’ for all spell effects regardless of her actual alignment. She may never take levels in the Paladin class (Antipaladin is fine) and can never become a cleric to a Good aligned Deity.
Languages: Tieflings begin play speaking Common and Infernal.

World Specific Info

Tieflings are kinda emo

Long ago, Dark Powers (demons/devils) were summoned into this world by arrogant mortals. Many of the foul creatures were vanquished by heroes, but some remained and brought destruction and corruption wherever they went. However, extended time in the world leeched the Dark fiend’s energy, and over time they too became mortal. In a desperate attempt to keep some part of themselves in existence, they formed unholy unions with humans, birthing the first tieflings (meaning ‘Dark Ones’ in Infernal). Their descendants today have become more human, some favoring their dark side and destruction while others just want acceptance. Whether or not the demons succeeded in passing part of their essence in the tiefling race, is a question none know the answer to- and while some tieflings seek that knowledge for a way to tap into their demonic origin, others would just as soon not know.

Tieflings are sometimes born to those involved with sinister magics- the children of witches and sorcerers who made abyssal pacts for power are sometimes tieflings, and sometimes when a child is born under a bad moon a hapless couple will find their child has horns and a tail. It is not understood what causes this, but tieflings are considered omens of bad fortune, and even seeing one causes people to whisper prayers or break out torches and pitchforks. Common folk often call them ‘demons’ or ‘hellspawn’ out of ignorance or contempt.

No matter their purpose, tieflings face a hard life in the outside world. Civilized races mostly shun them, and Aasimar often attack on sight. Due to their Dark origins, tieflings are forsaken by the gods, meaning their prayers go unheard, and paladins and clerics can kill them with no cause without ever needing atonement. In turn, tieflings feel either hatred or contempt for deities and their worshipers. Tieflings as a race are incredibly selfish and desire evil like an addiction meaning that moral depravity and Evil alignment comes easy to them. It is not uncommon for teiflings to avoid their worst evil instincts simply to prove that they are in control of their own destiny, making teiflings with Neutral outlooks also fairly common. Those few that attempt to walk the narrow path have a long road- tieflings that choose to be Good fight a war within themselves as well as a war with the rest of the world. Whatever a tiefling’s morality, they tend to be chaotic as they are constantly fighting their inner demons and are mistrustful of society at large.

Cursed and despised, Tieflings learn to be self-reliant and often make a living at others expense using their natural deviousness to become a talented rogue. The path of sorcery also comes easily to them, drawing magic from their demonic ancestry. Oddly, their wanderlust makes Bard a good fit, and tieflings are born with a honeyed tongue. Tieflings do not easily connect with the divine or natural world, making cleric and druid unfavorable.

Despite their devilish orgins, Tieflings can be exotic and alluring
“Do I look evil to you?… …c’mon now, I don’t look all that evil!”- Fire-Eyes, Tiefling Bard

“What’s the point of all that clean and virtuous living? We’re damned anyways, might as well have some fun with life.” – Ronin, Tiefling Fighter


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