Tiefling slavers

Band of Outcasts


You could not ask for a meaner band of lowlife scum, they were originally a mercenary company known for accepting any job no matter how horrible or dangerous. Most of their members are tieflings, as this is the closest to camaraderie their race gets, but plenty of half-orcs, humans, and even a half-elf or two have joined. The only requirement is that money comes first, and morality is non-existent.

They seem to be connected to the Raven Lord in some way, as they possessed a cryptic letter in his seal. Their leader was tried and hanged in Darkmoon under the authority of commander Magnus, and many of their best members were killed while apprehending him. Three of them scattered, one with seemingly some talent in sorcery.

The sorcerer was later discovered laying a trap for the party under orders from the raven lord. He was executed by Tristan, thus ending the threat of the tiefling bandits.

Tiefling slavers

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