The Raven Lord

A page in the Raven Lord's Journal

I am the Raven Lord. I had a name once, when I took my first careful steps in to the realm of knowledge in the Arcane Sanctum. But that was before I found power, before I found destiny. Having achieved immortality does not in fact improve one’s memory, so I have created this journal to remember my triumphs and savor them, and to remember my defeats and learn from them. Perhaps I also worry on the effects of my transformation I wish to also track the many years of my immortality, and I happen to find it prudent to track my mental condition as the years continue.

The five from Darkmoon have become a problem. It was only a matter of time before someone tried to stop me, I suppose I am fortunate that today it is simply a small band of adventurers rather than an army from Riva, or a Circle of Wizards led by that fool of an Archmage. I have so far succeeded in staying local enough to be ignored by the large players in this world. Darkmoon was to be my first test. If I could bring it under my control, then I would debate the merits of becoming a ruler of mortals. I could test my theories of law and governance on this small, worthless city and perhaps over time teach these people to bring sacrifices to me willingly. They can be conditioned through fear, I just must make it certain that nothing can stand against me and live. If I can kill these 5, and that Commander, then the rest should fall into line.

The two paladins will be the real problem. They blindly adhere to their useless virtues, wishing to destroy simply because my deeds offend their particular brand of morality. They will not listen to logic, and cannot be persuaded by their own self interest, or be cowed by terror. I shall have to hasten them back to their gods. Likewise, the forest dweller follows his own delusional ideas of protecting ‘nature’, and the tiefling woman is a complete enigma to me. Only the merchant seems reasonable and predictable in his motivations, but because he has kept their company for so long, I now suspect he merely wishes to profit from my demise, rather than work under my generous employ. Pity, he may have been able to fill the logistical roles I must daily waste my time on, a hassle I would have paid generously to be free of. He, at least will not be hard to kill if it comes to that.

They completely destroyed those tiefling mercenaries, and survived my trap before entering the Feywilds. My monster should have been adequate, I blame that failure on that foolish sorcerer, I should have known better than to expect anything from those filthy demonspawn. I savored feasting on his corpse, despite that the taste was too… smoky. Perhaps the drow will be more reliable, but if not, I am coming close to perfecting a monster with both human-like intellect and loyalty built in. I still have meals left to sate my hunger for the current time, though I worry that I indulge myself too frequently. Will that affect my immortality? My sanity?

As the five have left the Feywild, I can only assume they made some bargain with the Erlkonig, thrice curse him! I hope he has not revealed too much, but it is impossible to know what he would do, as his kind is ever unpredictable. No point in being careless. I am too young in my immortality still, I must not be rash. I have all I need here, as long as I can keep the supply of slaves and sacrifices coming. There is no hurry, I have capital, minions, slaves, research materials, and all the time in the world. They will come to me if they wish to stop me. And I will be ready.



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