Welcome to my home-brewed Pathfinder campaign (in progress)! The setting is based on a a few games I ran years ago back in 3.5 that I wanted to expand and build off of. I probably will not use every location/character on the wiki in this game. The starting location in this setting is a secluded place called Darkmoon that is a frontier town in the wilderness that was popular for those desiring an escape from civilization or fleeing from the law. Recently, however, the great Empire of Riva has sent soldiers and hired workers from all over to ‘civilize’ the place, causing a bit of tension as strange new magics and races become visible in this superstitious and judgmental town.

Darkmoon is dominated by Humans, but Elves and Dwarves have become strong minorities as small settlements have come from all over the Empire to bring their craftsmanship and magics. Halflings and Half-elves are more unusual, will attract attention, and for the most part just pass through on their travels rather than live in the town. Half-Orcs are there, but are more ‘Humans with some Orc blood’ than ‘half/half’ as the orcish hordes have been mostly wiped out long ago. Orc-blooded are cautiously accepted, unlike the Planestouched Tieflings who may face unjust hostility since their kind are often causing problems. Aasimar will be welcomed graciously by many, but their angelic blood and reputation for sensing deception make the average man a little nervous. Gnomes aren’t really a civilized race in this setting, more of a ‘strange children of the forest’, but they are there, if someone wants to play one. (It’s never happened to me before…) Tensions exist between races and factions much as you might expect. Patron gods can be chosen, (Pathfinder deities) or simply collectively worshiped as a pantheon. Or ignored.

I hope you have fun discovering, and perhaps defeating, The Raven Lord.

The Raven Lord

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