Darkmoon is a town on the edge of civilization- a place full of hardworking people and outlaws alike with one characteristic in common- they like to be left alone. They have a long history of having trouble with Drow raiders, but some time ago the Empress sent a small army of soldiers and masons to fortify Darkmoon and bring it back under the Law. The efforts have been largely successful, turning the wooden spiked fence into solid stone walls- even building a watchtower. Soldiers follow the roads chasing off highwaymen and small monsters, and most notably the last few drow attacks were easily repelled and the drow have dissapeared for the moment.

Thanks to the Empress’ soldiers and new security they provide, Darkmoon is transforming the last thing most of its inhabitants wanted… a respectable, bustling place. Clerics are opening up temples, trade is prospering thanks to patrols on the roads, and the Empress’ men are collecting taxes. The inhabitants are having to not only adjust to the Law, but to new ideas and magic that travelers sometimes bring with them.

The Golden Palace is the largest Tavern, famous for once housing the town’s iconic hero, an enchantingly beautiful singer by the name of Destiny. The locals all revere Destiny, there is a statue of her in the town square, and tales are often told and retold about her enchanting voice and many great deeds.

The town remains largely superstitious but the people are forced to slowly accept more and more unusual travelers as the norm. Most people distrust the Soldiers and resent their authority, but a small segment of the population are starting to admit they do not mind the added safety, and some even are beginning to see the benefits of the new trade.

Now dark rumors have begun again of new terrifying creatures on the roads, and people disappearing without a trace. The woods have gone from dangerous to deadly and people have heard fearful reports of everything from outlaws, monsters, and even possibly a dragon. Most pressing of all, someone called the Raven Lord taken a nearby fortress and demanded tribute and vassals from Darkmoon. The soldiers from Riva have sworn they will defend the town from all of this, but their numbers are few and the dangers many. And the worst trials may be yet to come…


The Raven Lord KnightofVictory